Essential NLP Skills for Management

What Will I Learn?

  • Empower others to problem-solve and find solutions to their own challenges.
  • Motivate and support people (even challenging people), and create goals that your team or group can get behind.
  • Build win-win relationships and negotiate with impact and integrity.
  • Communicate your vision or message clearly and effectively to other people.


  • The main ideas that are presented in this course are most effective when they become ingrained into your way of thinking (and behaving) throughout your management or leadership.
  • This course provides a straight forward and comprehensive NLP in the workplace training with a relaxed style and approach. Easy to follow, full of thought provokers, stories and everyday examples – this course covers some elements of what you would cover on an NLP Practitioner training.
  • Our interpretation of NLP is both evidence-based and ethical, complemented by learnings from cutting-edge discoveries in positive psychology, neuroscience, leadership theory and more.
  • The programme is designed to build confidence and congruence enabling managers to influence with integrity, and apply their learning directly in the workplace.
  • As an existing or aspiring member of management, IIEC NLP will teach you a set of applied psychological techniques that will enable you to facilitate pragmatic change, motivate action, and increase the engagement of others in your vision or mission.

In ‘Essential NLP for Management, Influencers & Communicators’ you will learn

  • How to develop a strong set of personal and professional values.
  • How to initiate positive change and inspire other people to follow you.
  • A practical approach for developing positive attitudes in others.
  • A step-by-step method for enhancing your ability to influence others.
  • Core principles of positive leadership psychology and its implications.
  • How to use NLP techniques to bring out the best in co-workers and teams.
  • A range of alternate leadership styles & which one\s compliment you most.
  • How to build better rapport across departments, teams and with customers.
  • How to communicate with other people on different psychological levels.
  • And much more …